"All for you" is our promise "Successful business" is our target 

Next Solutions regards the understanding of our clients’ demands accurately and doing the maximum to respond to them as its mission.

Depending on the circumstances, other than clients’ demands, there are frequent cases where we offer advice on new proposals and other options derived from past successes.

These are all the style of Next Solutions, which considers clients’ success to be the standard.


Consulting for Internet Strategy

Consulting flow

Web 2.0 Marketing Consulting

Next Solutions provides consultation concerning CGM business, which is currently a hot-topic.

  • Marketing strategy using blog / Consultation for blog business
  • Marketing strategy using SNS / Consultation for SNS business
  • Marketing strategy using drop shipping / Consultation for drop shipping business
  • Consultation for Web 2.0 expansion making use of existing web platform

Consultation Example

  • Construction of system and consulting for accessory maker's EC site launch and expansion into U.S. market.
  • Construction and consulting for marketing system using candy portal site and affiliate system
  • Consulting about drop shipping for apparel wholesale business
  • Consulting for business expansion that merges EC site and individual blog
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