Programmer / Systems Engineer


You will mainly be involved with systems development focused on web applications.

  • We will entrust to you tasks that match your skills such as meeting with clients, development, programming and testing.
  • We will put you in charge of listening to the client’s requirements and defining them, and handling the outline design to the detailed design.
  • You will play a role in the development of web applications such as EC sites and affiliate systems, and the design, testing, delivery, operation and maintenance of in-house systems.

Application Requirements

  • Fluent in English/Japanese speaker
  • Person with at least 3 years of work experience as a programmer or SE.
  • Person with experience developing for Linux.
  • Person with PHP experience (over 2 years) as well as experience developing with JavaScript. Or, person with over 2 years of development experience with .ASP or .NET.
  • Person with development experience with RDB such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.
  • Has experience with design specifications, requirement definition, outline design and detailed design.

Job description

  • Deal with systems-related items for received orders.
  • Handle staff training and backend operations as needed.
  • Understand the business content and workflow, and move projects forward smoothly.
  • Report the progress of projects by keeping in contact with other staff.
  • Draft the plan from the meeting with the client phase, create the proposal plan document including the quotation, consulting, research, review, define the problem points and propose resolution methods, create the project work plan schedule, and provide support until the contract order is received.
  • After contracting, hold meetings promptly with the staff and deliver the product according to the project work plan schedule.
  • Clearly sort the parts for system engineers and the parts for designers, and assign the tasks to the appropriate people in charge and manage their progress.
  • Setting up a server at the launch of website. Operate on-line control panel such as cPanel, WHM (Web Hosting Manager), Plesk and Vitruozzo.
  • Uploading and managing files using FTP.
  • After delivery, carry out duties related to troubleshooting requests from clients.
  • Web hosting duties and website maintenance.


Location New York, NY/Torrance, CA
Paid holidays 15 days a year
Benefit package Benefits that are mandatory in NY state and CA state are granted.
Insurance Health insurance, Dental insurance and Life insurance
Work days Monday through Friday (minimum 40 hours)
Work hours 9:00 - 18:00
Includes 1-hour lunch time.
Flextime system
Salary Negotiable
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