Web Director / Designer


You will be in charge of handling the direction of web projects that our company provides. This is general website work from planning/composition to production duties. There are various items such as production of corporate site, e-commerce site and mobile site, and Flash content production. We are seeking someone who is highly self-motivated and responsible! While knowledge and work experience is certainly desirable, what is important is the eagerness to greedily absorb new knowledge.

Application Requirements

  • Basic business manners and communication skills
  • Fundamental knowledge of design
  • Practical knowledge of xhtml + CSS coding
  • Fundamental knowledge for SEO and web usability
  • Someone who can use production tools such as Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Someone who can use business software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint

*If you are applying for the director position, practical experience creating proposals including schedule and quotation is required. Having practical experience with design and coding is even better.

*If you are applying to be a designer, 2 years or more practical experience with web design and coding is required!

Other (not required)

  • Experience with mobile site development
  • Practical Flash production using Action Script
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, CGI
  • Knowledge and experience with web marketing and promotion
  • Knowledge and experience with network development
  • Experience with production of community model sites such as blog and SNS

Job description (Director)

  • Negotiation, meeting and consulting with clients
  • Create proposals including quotation and schedule, research and presentation
  • Staffing and schedule management aimed at the materialization of projects and ideas
  • Production direction and outsourcing management
  • Operation management

Job description (Designer)

  • Page design and coding
  • Interface design for products and systems (e.g. EC site) developed by our company
  • Creation of documents for presentations (mainly graphics support)
  • Update work for operating website
  • Flash creation and web ad banner creation


Location New York, NY/Torrance, CA
Paid holidays 15 days a year
Benefit package Benefits that are mandatory in NY state and CA state are granted.
Insurance Health insurance, Dental insurance and Life insurance
Work days Monday through Friday (minimum 40 hours)
Work hours 9:00 - 18:00
Includes 1-hour lunch time.
Flextime system
Salary Negotiable
Application Form
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