Employment opportunities available for business expansion!

Next Solutions values individuality.

Someone who pursues edgy work, someone who finishes the given work silently and unmatched in precision, and someone who is essential for calming the scene; when the right person is put in the right place, they will become a valuable asset to the company.

Our day-to-day work is indeed a “struggle between personalities.” While this is a workplace with constant heated arguments including the young CEO on a daily basis, you can for sure obtain a sense of accomplishment from that. But that must have originally been the natural appearance of the working adult.

The current IT industry is neither decayed nor matured to the extent that you can live in peace and quiet by only doing passable work. "Being able to take on my work everyday with enjoyment and sense of fulfillment." Is it not this contentment that is currently lacking? Were you able to leave substantive results by just spending every day counting the seconds to close of business time? The answer to "what was lacking?" is here at “Next Solutions.”

Steps from application to hiring

Steps from application to hiring

  • Because the description in the form will be the first step to the first interview, please take a moment to sell yourself to us the best way you can.
  • We may contact you in case there is any oversight with your entry. Please be sure there is no mistake in your contact information such as e-mail address.
  • Interviews are basically held twice. The first interview will be with the respective departmental manager. After receiving their evaluation, you may proceed to the second interview. The second interview will be with our CEO.

About the available positions

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